Coach Svetlana Osadchaya

Fitness tour to Turkey

Girls, what's the most beautiful part we have? Well, of course, this is the soul! We will train it in the most beautiful place of Turkey - Oludeniz together with the champion of Ukraine in pole art Svetlana Osadchaya. And also learn cat plastic, royal filing and posing for photo shoots. It will be fun!

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Our accomodation

Our villa is located in the area of Hisaronu in a secluded location with a beautiful panoramic view of the forest and mountains. The air will be awesome, like our workouts. Just 5 minutes away are restaurants, bars and shops of the city, as well as the most beautiful Oludeniz beach. It features a spacious villa with a private outdoor pool.

The villa includes 5 bedrooms, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms with spa bath. The villa also has balconies overlooking the garden, the mountains and the pool.

The villa has an ideal location – not far from Oludeniz and Hisaronu with their entertainment and nightlife, as well as to the center of Fethiye.

Dalaman Airport is 56 km away.



Tour programme



Flight, acquaintance, party

Summer cannot be called excellent if you do not go to the sea with friends. Therefore, on this day we are changing everything! Picturesque Oludeniz with its azure shores and blue lagoons awaits us! We arrive in the most beautiful part of Turkey and immediately go to our villa. In the evening we have a party-acquaintance. A little bit of champagne and delicious food will help to start our rest as well as possible!



First training

Wake up and smile! Morning workout, the most perfect breakfast in life and nutrition analysis. And then we go to the beach. In Oludeniz, there is an incredibly beautiful nature, you will definitely appreciate. And our photographer will capture everything on camera, so be ready to take photos and post new photos on Instagram! In the evening, after dinner, we promise cozy gatherings and many secrets.



Sunbathing, relaxing

Waking up in such a place is a pleasure! After a workout and breakfast, we have a party at the pool. You will not refuse a beautiful tan and a couple of cocktails? Naturally arrange a group photo shoot. In the evening, dinner and the game of the Mafia, or maybe "It was or was not," you decide.




Today is the day when you will feel like a bird. We have breakfast, practice and spread our wings! We are waiting for the descent from the mountain on a parachute with an instructor, which you will remember all your life! And of course post in your feed. And we hope that you are not tired of being photographed, because it will be so beautiful there! In the evening we have a movie night. Romantic comedies, horrors, fiction, choose the mood! Or see everything!



After an excellent workout and delicious breakfast, we will participate in a culinary master class. We will share the most delicious and healthy recipes. Then free time, and in the evening we are going to play funny and provocative games;)



There is not much time left to enjoy our adventure. Therefore, we work out 100% at trainings, have breakfast and relax by the pool. In the evening, cozy gatherings with wine and fruit, and of course a little gossip, needless to say.



And coming back home!

We wake up and feel a little sad, this is the last day of our tour. Training, breakfast. Relax by the pool. In the evening, a farewell party, see all the photos and remember how cool it was. And of course, we will plan the next tour!


Svetlana Osadchaya

Champion in Ukrainian Pole Art Championship 2014. Stretching coach, pole exotic. Participant in dance projects Freedom Ballet. TOP-10 exotic pole dance of Ukraine according to PDInfo. The founder of ladies club Sport & Travel, the creator of the atmosphere.

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After the first bachelorette party, you can not say goodbye and forget us. Beaches, sea, parties, cocktails, yachts, trainings, our evening gatherings!

This is not all so easy! We try to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, manifestation of yourself and achieve results. We promise that you will not recognize this smiling beauty coming out of the plane home.

We have to admit, you have to be a little sad. But only on romantic films, with tears of laughter and on the last day of the tour. But not for long! Soon we will go to rest again.

Photo session

And your girlfriends again began to publish pictures from yachts, beaches, sunsets? In new swimsuits, with tanned skin and a Hollywood smile? We understand you!
And we know what it is like to want a nice Instagram with cool and professional photos.
So buy all the most fashionable swimsuits, throw elegant summer dresses in your suitcase and get ready to smile like Megan Fox!
You will be better!

In each round, there will be a professional photographer who will make you great photos, emphasize all your virtues and make the photos live and attractive!

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Cost of the tour:

  • The cost of early booking of the tour until 20.05.2019
  • Full cost of the tour

To book a tour, you should make an advance payment of 30% and the full cost of the tour until 05 june 2019.

Payment options:

  • Cashless to bank account
  • Visa, Mastercard, Privat24
  • Cash in the office

Pay online 30%

Pay online 100%

Cost includes:

  • Flight Kyiv-Dalaman-Kyiv
  • Group transfer to the villa
  • Accommodation in a villa (double room)
  • Breakfast - Dinners (healthy nutrition)
  • Excursion - Paragliding (parachute jump with an instructor)
  • Trainers' masterclasses
  • Professional photo shoots (group + 1 individual)

Cost doesn't include:

  • Additional expenses outside the villa (discos, bars, restaurants)


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