Trainer Kristina Korotkaya

Fitness tour to Palma de Mallorca

"Let you dream Palma de Mallorca" - we will surely sing this song together on the Palma embankment and find out what it is in reality! And we will also train with a world champion in the category of fitness bikini Kristina Korotkaya, go to the best beaches of Majorca and of course conquer everyone with her irresistible beauty!

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Trainer Eleonora Alibayeva

Fitness tour in Fethiye

August - the month when you want to reward yourself for the work done during the year. Our trainer Eleonora Alibayeva helped thousands of people to find their ideal form. Come with us and you will return as another person - a happy sports beauty!

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Trainer Natalia Tatarintseva

Poledance tour to Barcelona

For those who miss training on the pole, we suggest extending the summer and enjoying the hen party atmosphere with the four-time world champion at PoleDance Natalia Tatarintseva on the chic coast of Barcelona.

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SPORT & TRAVEL is an organizer of group sportive tours for girls. Our ladies club will fill your life with new emotions and drive. Rest and train in the hen party format.

Why only girls? Feel the atmosphere of complete freedom! No make-up, It is important for us to create an atmosphere for recuperation and achieving results. So that no one interferes with this process!

Our coaches include world champions who can share the secrets of success and motivate you to win. We have helped hundreds of girls achieve results.

Only two passions: sport and travel can make us good friends!

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Fitness tour to Palma de Mallorca

999€without flight
Mallorca island, Spain
August 4-11, 2019

Fitness tour in Fethiye

650€without flight
Fethiye, Turkey
August 17-24, 2019

Poledance tour to Barcelona

950€without flight
Barcelona, Spain
September 1-8, 2019
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Eleonora Alibaeva

Vice-world champion in bodybuilding.
Medalist Arnold is a classic.
Medalist world ladies cup.
National Bodybuilding Champion.
The category of athletics.
Certified Nutriologist.
Teacher dancing twerk and strip.
Trainer for functional training.

Was the head coach of the project “Fat money”. In which 10,000 people took part. Which I accompanied online for 5 weeks 24/7. Where I developed and conducted a special training on nutrition. The best result for men is 30 kg, for women – 28 kg.
In my online marathons, I was struck by a girl who trained and fed on my program and ate – the result is minus 8 cm waist for 2 weeks.
I take to myself not only people with excess weight, but also those who want to look fit and pumped up. One girl for 3 weeks scored 2 cm in the buttock and the press became clearly pronounced.

Thanks to that, I’m sure you’ll get extra results from your intensive tour program. I will learn to eat intuitively without problems and to love my body.

I was given at 5 years of tennis and athletics. Training for 3 hours a day taught me at an early age to structure my day and disciplined.

Love for the sport has been since childhood. From the age of 13 I started working as a photo model. At 17, I met a photographer who recommended me to try bodybuilding. I realized that this is a very beautiful sport and I want to enter the international arena.
I found the phone of the president of the federation, called and said – my name is El and I want to speak at the World Championships. He replied – “Girl go to the championship area.” But when I came to the coach, he said that I have good proportions and if I work hard, I can get to the national championship. So it happened. Then to the World Cup. In the final, before the stage, I realized that I could not get out. But I was encouraged by the coach and said – “Athletes do not throw everything halfway.” I took second place in the world championship.

Thanks to sport, I realized that all our goals are achievable and everything depends on your actions. You can achieve any results you want.

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Angelina Myastkovskaya

Words can’t be described, just by feeling it, you can understand how atmospheric, productive and happy we spent this week. Daily workouts with Tata, in wonderful locations, with valuable information regarding stretching and nutrition - are unmatched. The best part is that in addition to training, there was an opportunity to spend time alone with myself, climbing the mountain, for example)) Very grateful for this tour, I received a lot of inspiration and new knowledge.

Elvira Kachalova

Many thanks to the organizers for such a fitness tour. Everything was top notch! Daily workouts in the fresh air with a gorgeous view and with the coolest trainer of Ukraine, a professional in your field! Comfortable living conditions, food, photo and video shooting, hiking, excursions and a lot a lot. The program was very rich and bright! It was an unforgettable 7 days ...❤️

Katya Kutsenko

Many thanks for the excellent active rest in the Carpathians! A professional coach! Every day is filled with new emotions! Hotel, training, air and company of new acquaintances !!! I recommend !!! Do not miss this opportunity!

Yulia Solar

Guys, Thank you for a well-organized stretching tour to the Carpathians. Everything is thought out for a comfortable stay: transfer to the hotel, comfortable accommodation with breakfasts and a pool, a variety of training locations, additional leisure entertainment, the best coach. Recommend❤️

Anastasia Koval

Thank you very much Sport & travel organizing a stretching tour in the Carpathians! Everything was just fine, a professional coach, a comfortable hotel, beauty around, entertaining entertainment and time for yourself. The organizers cared about each of the 22 girls in the tour. I will definitely go with you;)
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