Trainer Natalya Tatarintseva

Stretching tour to the Carpathians

"Where there are mountains and valleys, where the rapid streams are rivers ..." there we will be charged with the power of the mountains and become flexible under the authority of the master of sports in artistic gymnastics and the trainer on myofascial stretching Natalia Tatarintseva.

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Coach Svetlana Osadchaya

Fitness tour to Turkey

Girls, what's the most beautiful part we have? Well, of course, this is the soul! We will train it in the most beautiful place of Turkey - Oludeniz together with the champion of Ukraine in pole art Svetlana Osadchaya. And also learn cat plastic, royal filing and posing for photo shoots. It will be fun!

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Trainer Kristina Korotkaya

Fitness tour to Palma de Mallorca

"Let you dream Palma de Mallorca" - we will surely sing this song together on the Palma embankment and find out what it is in reality! And we will also train with a world champion in the category of fitness bikini Kristina Korotkaya, go to the best beaches of Majorca and of course conquer everyone with her irresistible beauty!

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Trainer Natalia Tatarintseva

Poledance tour to Barcelona

For those who miss training on the pole, we suggest extending the summer and enjoying the hen party atmosphere with the four-time world champion at PoleDance Natalia Tatarintseva on the chic coast of Barcelona.

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SPORT & TRAVEL is an organizer of group sportive tours for girls. Our ladies club will fill your life with new emotions and drive. Rest and train in the hen party format.

Why only girls? Feel the atmosphere of complete freedom! No make-up, It is important for us to create an atmosphere for recuperation and achieving results. So that no one interferes with this process!

Our coaches include world champions who can share the secrets of success and motivate you to win. We have helped hundreds of girls achieve results.

Only two passions: sport and travel can make us good friends!

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Stretching tour to the Carpathians

7200 hrivnas
Carpathians. Ukraine
June 22-30, 2019

Fitness tour to Turkey

Oludeniz, Turkey
July, 6-13, 2019

Fitness tour to Palma de Mallorca

900€without flight
Mallorca island, Spain
August 4-12
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Natalia Tatarintseva

Finalist of the 7th season of the talent show “Ukraine Got Talent”.

Master of Sports in artistic and aesthetic gymnastics. Coach of international class.

4-fold World Champion in pole dance.

Participant and judge of international championships and pole dance master classes.

Nutritionist, trainer on myofascial stretching.

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